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The interpreter for your event

Whenever people come together language is their most important means of communication. Exchange of information, especially with business partners whose language you do not speak, could prove to be difficult.

To make sure that you will still be able to communicate and thus promote your business, we will find the perfect interpreter for your event.

Typical events

  • international conferences, congresses
  • meetings
  • tours of the company
  • negotiations, sales conversations
  • seminars, presentations
  • reception of international business partners
  • press conferences
  • conversations with technical background
  • trade fairs
  • product presentations

Successful events thanks to thorough preparation

You hire an interpreter….

…to translate your speech in another language:

In order to provoke the desired reactions in your audience, the interpreter needs to convey your message in the target language correctly. He/She can only succeed when he/she is given enough time to study your message and prepare the translation.

…to translate during your seminar:

In order to interpret the contents of your seminar correctly, your interpreter needs to be given sufficient time to study the seminar material and the specific terms in advance.

Contribute to the success of your event by making informative preparation material available to us.

Use of specialized interpreters for your event

  • interpreters with university degrees
  • many years of experience
  • international experience
  • intercultural competence

Possible ways of interpreting

Consecutive interpreting

  • classic way of interpreting
  • spoken language is translated time-shifted
  • direct exchange between interpreter and participants possible

Simultaneous interpreting

  • simultaneous translation of communication by means of conference equipment

Procedure in short:

The interpreter is in a soundproof interpreting booth and follows the speaker's words through headphones. He/She translates the information almost simultaneously via microphone. The listeners hear the interpreter's translation through their headphones.

This way of interpreting is physically and mentally highly demanding for the interpreter. This is why a minimum of two interpreters work in a team and replace each other every 20-30 minutes.


  • makes translations in several languages possible
  • flow of speech is not interrupted
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