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Have you ever been in this situation?

  • You have already attended a language course in a big learning group and you could not achieve your goals.
  • You present your product at an international trade fair but you cannot comprehensively advise potential customers.
  • You have customers all over the world but cannot provide multilingual telephone support.
  • You negotiate with international business partners but you cannot close contracts because it is hard to understand the small print.

If so, then it is high time for your tailored language course with us in Zwickau or in your company.

We would be glad to organize your course according to your needs and demands – quickly and without unnecessary red tape.

Your trainer meets the following quality standards:

  • passion for language and culture
  • educational qualification
  • native speakers or degree in the course language
  • international experience and intercultural competence

Language course types

One-to-one training and group training (2-8 participants)

Only in small groups can your trainer fulfil your individual needs, involve you at all times, and prepare for different types of learners. This will enable you to make speedy progress.

Language course location

In our PSi facilities in Zwickau or in your company

Language course start

You can begin your language training at short notice, mostly within one week.

Language course duration and appointments

  • There is no obligation the book a fixed amount of lessons.
  • You can simply begin with your course and end it any time without termination period.
  • For your continuous learning success regular appointments are very helpful. That is why we recommend at least one meeting per week.
  • You can always arrange your actual course volume and how many appointments a week you would like to attend with your trainer.
  • You can make your individual appointments with your trainer from week to week.
  • Thus you can smoothly integrate your language training in your day-to-day business.

You can learn the following languages with us

  • English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Italian
  • German as foreign language
  • As well as other languages upon request (e.g. Thai, Swedish)

Language course contents

  • General, business language or special terminology (e.g. automotive, technology, IT, energy, finance)
  • The content of your language course will be in line with your specific goals that will be determined at the beginning of your training.
  • You can bring specific situations from your daily business to class at any time (e.g. reply to emails, preparation for presentations etc.).
  • There will be a good mix of reading, writing, listening, speaking in order for you to practice all of these skills.

Intercultural competence

In order to do business with people from other cultural backgrounds you have to be familiar and respect cultural differences. That is why aspects of intercultural communication will always be a part of your training.

Language course to go

With our help you can learn languages from any place in the world: no matter if you are on your couch in Zwickau, in your hotel room in New York or on the beaches of Bali.

With us you can attend courses via telephone or videophone.

With your language course you will get:

  • unlimited mobility
  • no discontinuation due to absence (e.g. business trips etc.)
  • savings in money and time
  • ideal use of otherwise unproductive time windows (e.g. car journeys, waiting time at the airport)
  • authentic telephone training
  • language training regardless of the teacher's place of residence, especially for the less common languages, for which there is no qualified teacher in the region
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