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Understanding foreign languages - without bureaucracy and personally:
The PSi philosophy

PSi offers you full service in the field of foreign language – professional, speedy and individual.

Service provider PSi Sprachenservice international GbR has taken care of your foreign language communication from A - Z since 2008 without unnecessary bureaucracy. Your committed PSi team is Anke Buchhalter and Doreen Lorbeer. They competently advise customers and are always available for you in their office in the centre of Zwickau.

The PSi portfolio comprises translations and interpreting services as well as language courses in Germany and abroad. They translate and interpret in over 50 different languages, their team consists of translators and interpreters who are sworn in at the district court. Their service ranges from translations of documents (e.g. certificate of birth) to technical documentations for automotive or machine industry.

The PSi language courses have become one of the best addresses for discerning private and business customers in the Zwickau region.

Nothing here is standardised, each course is planned according to the learner's needs, schedule and demands.

Whenever you have a problem or question about the world of languages you will definitely find your answer at PSi in Zwickau.

For PSi you will never only be a customer number – this is the special PSi appeal!


PSI Sprachenservice International GbR

Max-Pechstein-Straße 3

08056 Zwickau


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