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People speaking different languages...

……find a meeting place in our Internationales Sprachencafe in Zwickau.

We, Doreen Lorbeer and Anke Buchhalter from PSi Sprachenservice, founded this club to bring people from different cultures together and to create a meeting place where everybody is welcome.

  • meeting place for native speakers who like to speak about their home countries
  • language rounds for everyone who would like to practise speaking in a second language or exchange with others in their first language
    • currently for the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, German
  • certified translations of your documents in cooperation with PSi
  • establishment of a network of people with different cultural backgrounds
    • who can support others in dealing with authorities or other organisational issues
    • different language courses for better communication in Germany and abroad

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And always remember "Everyone smiles in the same language!"


PSI Sprachenservice International GbR

Max-Pechstein-Straße 3

08056 Zwickau


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