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Meeting place in Zwickau...

  • establishment of a network of people with different cultural backgrounds
  • who can support others in dealing with authorities or other organisational issues
  • different language courses for better communication in Germany and abroad

Current group courses

English for beginers (A1/A2) - Small talk and holidays

  • Tuesday, 18.30 - 20.00 with Thomas - England-Fan

Spanish for advanced learners (A2)

  • Thursday, 18.30 - 20.00 with Melani from Teneriffa

    German as foreign language

  • individual courses for special purposes
  • on request, no BAMF funding

Course contents - idea of the courses

  • Learn to simply speak without worrying about the correct tense or the perfect structure of the sentence.
  • Discover your potential to use the foreign language quickly in practical situations.
  • Feel safe and competent in conversations within a short time - this is reached by practical exercises and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Your teacher supports you in reaching your personal goals.

And always remember: "Everyone smiles in the same language!"


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