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Only specialized translators for your texts

Not only are our translators language professionals, but they are also specialized in a certain area of expertise. Thus they comprehend the specific contents of your documents and produce skillful translations for you.

A technical documentation for example will not be translated by a colleague who has specialized in marketing, but by one of our experts in the field of technology. This is how we make sure that the content and message of your texts will be the same in every language.

Our areas of expertise: automotive industry, machine industry, plant construction, textile industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutics, science & research, legislation, finance, logistics, marketing.

Your translator meets the following standards:

  • degree in translation
  • many years of experience
  • international experience
  • intercultural competence
  • native speakers for 'ready for publication' documents (advertisements, leaflets, homepages)
  • specific area of expertise
  • work according to DIN norm EN 15038

Consistency in your texts provides for reliability and professionalism

In order to produce comprehensible documents, our translators use expert terms and abbreviations the reader is familiar with.

These terms have to be defined and used for every translation to guarantee consistency and continuity for all of internal and external company communication. A database filled with your company's technical terms is called terminology.

Your translator uses this terminology and enables you to hold your corporate identity. By cooperating with the same translator for all of your translations, we can furthermore provide a uniform style for all of your texts.

Typical types of texts for translations in and from more than 50 languages

  • user manuals
  • technical data sheets
  • technical documentation
  • reference books
  • audits
  • guidelines
  • business reports
  • correspondence
  • advertisements
  • press releases
  • websites
  • contracts
  • statutes
  • terms and conditions

Processing time for your translation

  • The processing time can only be determined individually after reviewing the text in our translation agency in Zwickau.
  • It depends on: text amount, language, area of expertise as well as formatting requirements.
  • Send us your document and you will promptly receive a binding statement on the processing time.

Do not worry about formats

Simply send us your documents in their existing format: Word, Excel, PDF, picture, scan, graphic formats or complete websites. In urgent cases we will be glad to process your voice file or photographed napkin.

We will send your translation back formatted according to your requirements including your corporate design so that you can instantly use it.

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