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Do you want your competence to be convincing - also on the international stage?

Technical translations by expert translators

You have invested a lot of capital, knowledge, and time into the development of your products or services. We will gladly ensure that the related documentation will meet your demands on a global level. In collaboration with our specialized technical translators we produce technical translations according to international standards. It is understood that our services comply with current regulations and norms, for example ISO NORM 17100.

Layout service...

You will receive your translation from PSi in exactly the same layout as in the original document. DTP Service

Your translator!

… will be a carefully selected PSi expert on your business and language combination.

Bear in mind...

...that your technical documents, which have been produced by your experts with immense practical knowledge and over the course of months, might require some time and investment to be translated accurately and with the degree of care they deserve!

Portfolio – a selection of some of our translation projects:

3D Micromac – Translation of technical documentation for laser machines

The company

3D Micromac are one of the leading experts for laser micro processing. The company develops processes, machines, and entire plants at the highest technical and technological level possible. Their products are successfully used in various high-tech industries all over the world. Among those are photovoltaics, semiconductor, glass, and display businesses, as well as micro-diagnostics, and medical engineering.

Our services

  • translation of technical documentation for laser machines
  • original format Frame Maker files
  • work with CAT-translation tools (e. g., Trados, memoQ)

Language combinations

  • English - Spanish
  • German - French
  • English - French
  • English - Dutch

The translation of our manuals is a work-step that often can only be undertaken at the very end of our documentation process. In addition, high quality standards and tight deadlines need to be met. Although there never is much time for the translations, PSi have always supplied excellent translations in a timely manner. Sometimes they even beat the clock. We were also very grateful for the PSi team's suggestions on how to enhance our content.

 Jens Conrad, Technical Editor

Linamar – Translation of specification sheets from well-known automotive producers into English

The company

Powertrain solutions for the global automotive industry – constant process improvement to meet their customers' demands.

Engine components, such as cylinder blocks & cylinder heads, cam shafts, and main rods – Linamar manufactures differential gear, shaft, and body components, as well as clutch modules for gear boxes. For the powertrains in vehicles Linamar supplies entire transmission systems, such as rear axle gear units for all-wheel drive vehicles. Ranging from single parts to complex assembly groups – Linamar is the top supplier for OEMs.

Our services

  • translation of technical documentation/specification sheets into English for well-known automotive manufacturers

Our method

The PDF files sent by the automotive manufacturer containing the specifications for Linamar as a supplier always serve as the foundation for our translation work. To present these complex requirements in a clearly laid-out format, and to be able to set up a terminology database, we have transferred all information into Excel.

These files have then been translated into English for Linamar's global operational processes.

We have continuously worked together with PSi for many years – from memos to entire specification sheets PSi always translates (generally from German into English) reliably and on time. We would especially like to highlight the high quality of the often very demanding, specific technical translations, as well as the special two-language format of the translations we require, because we find it extremely helpful when creating specification sheets.
I would like to thank the PSi team for their competence and delivery reliability, but also for the pleasant and non-bureaucratic collaboration.

Matthias Schuster

FES GmbH – Translation of test reports, software documentation, and vehicle manuals

The company

Innovative development service provider for the automotive industry - From concept development to prototyping, and testing, as well as technical documentation FES-AES offer customers the complete range of development competence.

They closely cooperate with their in-house technical editors to enable a permanent and fast exchange of knowledge.

Our services

  • translation of the company homepage
  • translation of test reports, technical software documentation, and vehicle manuals for wellknown automotive manufacturers in the field of utility vehicles
  • original formats: Frame Maker, InDesign
Translations into the following languages
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Günter Kunststoffmaschinen – Translation of user manuals for plastics machines

The company

Ranging from heavy-duty bags, and construction foil, over shopping bags to cotton pad bags: The enterprise covers the complete portfolio of high-performance machinery for the foil industry. Thanks to their bundled expertise, these production plants offer maximum efficiency and universal application capabilities. In addition, their competent and reliable service guarantee absolute operational safety.

Our services

  • translation of user manuals for plastics machines
  • administration of terminology databases, so that even the smallest adjustments in the texts can be implemented quickly and at an attractive price
  • development of shared standards for the formatting of the technical documentation

Translations from German into

  • English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Slovak, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Hungarian, Greek, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, Czech, Turkish, Swedish

*Dear Ms Lorbeer,

I'm writing to thank you for the outstanding quality of the translations you've sent us. It only rarel happens that the translations are totally complete and even the format has been completely preserved.

Thank you so much.*

Jan Klitzsch

Patent attorney Helge – Translation of technical patent specifications and legal correspondence regarding legal claims

The customer

This is what attorney Helge says about his mission:

“Technical creativity is certainly the most meaningful capital a company can own. Technical innovations, successful product developments or brands are very likely to be copied. Only one thing can prevent this from happening: claiming industrial property rights right from the start.”

Our services

  • translation of technical patent specifications and legal correspondence regarding legal claims from and into Chinese, English, and Japanese

Our PSi Technology Team will gladly and successfully take over your translation project for you:

Some technical data on the realization of your project:

Our quality standards according to DIN EN ISO 17100

This ISO norm rules and defines the processes and quality standards for translation services. This includes procedures in quality management, the education, and supplementary training for project staff: project manager<-> translator, so that the result will always be a high-quality translation. We have operated according to these rules and processes for more than 13 years. You can contact us anytime, we are happy to send you degrees and certificates of our team.

more information:

Is there a DTP or OCR service?

DTP service – desktop publishing service

A translated document can be longer or sometimes shorter than the (German) original version. However, you will receive your translation back in the same format/layout as the original version. Some formats can be exported or imported with the help of translation tools, other translations need adjustment by our formatting team to fit the original layout and design.
We will always give our best to reduce the time and effort you have to put in.

Just contact us – we will be happy to talk about your next project with you!

OCR service – optical character recognition

We can implement optical character or text recognition from pictures or your PDF-files through the use of modern software. Thus, you will receive your translation as a processable text.

Terminology work in translation tools

The entity of all terms in a specific field of business or science e. g., automotive industry, medical engineering, laser technology, machine engineering, is called terminology.

This specific terminology can only be used efficiently in a field of business or a company if it is saved and consistently used.

To achieve such consistency, terminology management software such as: SDL Trados, memoQ, Across can be very helpful, to only mention a few. You can rely on us to always collaborate with the same translator for all of your projects, who will always use the same terminology from the database, but also the same style of communication once you have approved it. In the long run this can result in very attractive prices for translations due to the existing terminology database for your business.

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