PSi Language Training

Experience Peronal, Smart , Individual language learning, Sprachenlernen, immerse in an inspiring world of languages!

Whether individual, or in a group, whether English, Spanish, German or Chinese – your targets are our focus!

Individual language courses – enjoy yourself while achieving your course targets

  • We talk about your expectations and course objectives.
  • Our international team of teachers will motivate you to simply start talking!
  • Relevant topics to your (professional) life are the basis for your course content. Your ideas and wishes are always welcome!
  • Active communication in the target language!
  • If you let us or your teacher know what we can do to boost your learning success even more, we will gladly react straightaway. This is how your course will become your personal success story.

Online test – assessing your language level

We recommend taking one of the following placement tests by Klett publishing:

Forward your results to our course consultant Doreen Lorbeer ( and get a customized offer.

World of Languages - Online

Course sizes

  • One-to-one lessons (1 participant)
  • Mini-groups (2 - 5 participants)
  • Groups (6 - 10 participants)

Course content

  • job-related topics such as: customer communication, presentations, sales talks, telephone conferences, conventions & conferences, business travel
  • private topics such as: vacation, hobbies, international friends & family, religion
  • specialist topics such as: technology, automotive industry, machine engineering, power engineering, telecommunications, finance & administration, real estate, European Community Law


  • English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Polish, Italian, Czech, Swedish, Arabic, Chinese – other language courses available on demand!

3 steps to start your language training!

  1. Fill in our enquiry form or call our course expert - Doreen Lorbeer +49 1520 1785 771 for a personal consultation.
  2. You get your individual quote by email.
  3. Before starting your course we find out your language level and talk about your objectives and all course details.

Online Language Training

Book your course as an online course - and save time and travel costs!

Internationally recognized

International acknowledgment of your language skills through language test at the end of your course

Tested and approved

The PSi-recipe for your success: a perfect match between your teacher and you!

A short portfolio for your first impression...

Thank you for your competent service over the past 5 years. PSi can super quickly adapt to individual needs and thus arrange flexible lessons. I will always recommend PSi and always come back to them whenever I need their assistance and service.

Mr Zachert

I am very satisfied with my individual lessons with my teacher Eva. The training is very customized and well-prepared. The arrangement and preparation of my training did not take long and worked smoothly. Also, the course is good value for money. Thus, I am really satisfied and I have made good progress especially in the field of grammar.

Doreen K.

International team of teachers:

Over the course of many years we have established a core team of great teachers and thus can meet various customer needs. We have always paid a great deal of attention to finding the right teacher for our learners – because language learning is so much easier when there is a good chemistry between student and teacher!

More useful information:

Can I attend a PSi language course during the Corona pandemic?

Yes, we continue to offer our services. You can inquire about courses via email, phone, or contact form as usual. We would be glad to talk about your course (if you like online in a personal video chat).

Seize the opportunity for an online course, no matter if you prefer individual, or group courses, from work, or from home! We would be happy to find the best solution together with you.

Is there a fixed course program?

No, there is not. We organize every single course according to the needs of our customers. There are no standard courses. Following your inquiry, we will discuss your personal course targets with you, your skill level, and preferred course content.

Will I spend all my course lessons with the same teacher?

Yes. We will choose a teacher suitable for your learner type and the course content. This teacher will then accompany you along your way through your language training.

What will I need for my online language training?

You will need your computer, laptop, or even just a smartphone with their video and audio (camera and microphone) functions turned on and a connection to the internet.

We would be happy to assist you with technical questions, and we are sure a free test lesson will convince you of all the advantages of learning online.

What exactly is the European Framework of Reference?

The Common European Framework for Languages has been developed to evaluate speakers' language skills or the progress made in learning foreign languages. It is intended to make different types of European language certificates comparable to each other and to define specific criteria to measure learning progress in a second or third language.

The framework consists of 6 different stages ranging from A1 (elementary) to C2 (proficient).

You can find a more detailed description of the different levels here

What if I need to cancel my class at short notice?

Your teacher always reserves the agreed-upon course time for you and will not be able to accept other jobs then. Thus, the regular provision of language courses is important to us. However, should something come up and you cannot attend your course, we will always try to find an alternative date for you. PSi should preferably receive cancellations 24hrs before the scheduled class. The complete course fee will be charged in case of late cancellations or no cancellations.

What sort of course material will I need?

You will receive a course folder and all course materials from PSi.

If you would like to use a course book for your language training, we or your teacher can make recommendations or assist you in finding the best material for you. After you've chosen the perfect materials, we would be happy to order them for you. There are a lot of digital materials as well which are ideal for the use in online language training.

How long is the notice period?

If you would like to end your course, please inform PSi four weeks in advance. You can submit your termination to PSi (not your teacher) in writing via mail or email.

How long will my course be?

It is up to you how long you would like your course to last. Our teachers can make recommendations regarding course duration depending on your skills and target.

How and when will I pay for my course?

You will receive an invoice at the end of each month charging you for the lessons you have actually attended. These bills are always based on the attendance list you will have signed at the end of every lesson.

You can settle the invoiced amount by bank transfer.

How many teaching units will I need?

It is very hard to give a general answer to this question. The number of units or lessons depends on various individual factors such as:

  • What is your skill level at the beginning of your course and what would you like to achieve?
  • Are you able to take classes regularly or only from time to time?
  • Are you dealing with the new language outside the classroom too or only during lessons?
  • What type of learner are you?

However, the following figures can give you an idea:

A1: 80 up to 200 teaching units, 45 min each.
A2: 200 up to 350 teaching units, 45 min each.
B1: 350 up to 650 teaching units, 45 min each.
B2: 600 up to 800 teaching units, 45 min each.
C1: 800 up to 1,000 teaching units, 45 min each.
C2: at least 1,000 teaching units, 45 minutes each.

You can always talk about your goals with your teacher and they will help you make a realistic timeline. Your advantage: with PSi you do not need to book a fixed number of teaching units, but you can flexibly decide how long you would like to learn and make progress.

Will I get a certificate after the completion of my course?

At the end of your language course you will receive a PSi-certificate stating the language level you have achieved according to the Common European Framework of Levels for Languages.

In case you should require an officially recognized certificate, you can get one at our PSi test center - TOEIC and TOEFL for English, WiDaf for German.

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