Advertising language and marketing

You would like to share your vision with the world. In order to be able to succeed in doing so, you have come up with creative ideas for your sales message and customer communication and have refined them in a long process.

The PSi translation service will gladly take care of translating your messages correctly into the foreign language. This means, our native-language translators contribute to the translation by adding their cultural knowledge, so that your message will be clearly understood in other countries.

Another important point is the fact that the translator should be an expert on your field of business. A translator who specialized in the field of technology, is not going to be the perfect choice for cultural or travel document translations and the other way around, of course.

You can send us your

  • leaflets
  • web pages
  • image brochures
  • product catalogs

in any format, and we will edit your translation for you. This makes it so much easier for you to integrate the translation into your corporate design and layout.

We would also be happy to integrate the translation into your web page's CRM back-end or if you wish we will process the documents in your 'InDesign' or 'Frame Maker' file.

Please find some of our projects for your inspiration here!

FES GmbH – Translation of homepage

The company

Innovative development service provider for the automotive industry - From concept development to prototyping, and testing, as well as technical documentation FES-AES offer customers the complete range of development competence.

They closely cooperate with their in-house technical editors to enable a permanent and fast exchange of knowledge.

Our services

  • homepage translation into English
  • based on txt-files from the customer's advertising company
  • the focus of this page is on automotive technology in combination with visionary advertising language
  • our translator Hans is an expert in the field of technical communication in the automotive industry and has translated numerous documents for this customer
  • consequently, he was very familiar with the required topics → important: based on his passion for cars as a private person, he could also translate the sales message 'between the lines' for the customer

August Horch Museum – Translation of image brochure


The August Horch Museum strives to foster the education on, as well as the preservation, and presentation of historic vehicles, without pursuing economical purposes. Among its numerous functions the following shall be highlighted:

– To transfer knowledge of the regional automotive history, including the collection and restoration of suitable exhibits.

– To serve as an inspiration to schools and companies and to meet the visitors' expectations by always reacting to and reflecting on what could be improved or intensified. However, the museum has even more in store Bildungsauftrag

Our services

  • Translation of the museum's image brochure into English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Russian
  • You can get an insight in the brochure as a PDF file here:

Rudolf Buchbinder – Translation of web page


Rudolf Buchbinder is one of the most legendary artists of our time. For more than 50 years he has been giving concerts with popular orchestras and conductors worldwide. To mark his 70th birthday (season 2016/17) Buchbinder was celebrated and honored at outstanding locations like the New York Carnegie Hall, Tokyo's Suntory Hall, the Vienna Music Society, and the Berlin Philharmonic. Some of the highlights of this anniversary season were the concerts with the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra conducted by Christian Thielemann, and concert tours with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra. Mariss Jansons invited Rudolf Buchbinder to be 'artist in residence' with the BR Symphonic Orchestra. In December 2016 the
Vienna Symphonic Orchestra granted him honorary membership, followed by the honorary membership granted by the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra only a short time later.

Our services

  • translation of the famous artist's web page into English, Russian, French, Chinese, and Japanese
  • challenge: careful selection of suitable translators, since they needed to combine their passion for language with musical expertise
  • taking into account several international musical standards and the specific terminology
  • original document format was a WORD file
  • the PSi team has transferred and integrated the content into the CRM and hosting software
  • while PSi were working on the web page several opportunities to enhance the page's usability were pointed out to the customer and finally implemented
  • Lastly, the different page modules and translations were integrated after proof-reading for the third time, with a focus on the interplay of images and text passages.

Kultour Z. GmbH – Translation of tourist brochure

Kultour Z.'s targets

It is the corporation's founding purpose to ensure a high level of leisure time activities for local citizens in the city's and region's best interest, to support Zwickau as a trade, production, and convention hub, as well as to promote the local tourism industry.

  • translation of the Zwickau tourist brochure into English
  • by our English native speaker, who is a true expert on ready-to-publish texts
  • exchange with the customer regarding the most suitable translation of names and slogans
  • before publication a third proof-reading procedure has been carried out in the final PDF file.
  • both versions of the brochure as a PDF file download -> German I -> English

Our specialists for ready-to-publish texts!

More useful information:

Is there a DTP or OCR service?

DTP service – desktop publishing service

A translated document can be longer or sometimes shorter than the (German) original version. However, you will receive your translation back in the same format/layout as the original version. Some formats can be exported or imported with the help of translation tools, other translations need adjustment by our formatting team to fit the original layout and design.
We will always give our best to reduce the time and effort you have to put in.

Just contact us – we will be happy to talk about your next project with you!

OCR service – optical character recognition

We can implement optical character or text recognition from pictures or your PDF-files through the use of modern software. Thus, you will receive your translation as a processable text.

Can a translation be integrated directly into the backend of my homepage?

I Anke Buchhalter am, thanks to my economic-technical training, very technology-oriented and can quickly understand various IT issues. We have already successfully integrated translations into the CMS systems TYPO3, Kirby, and Squarespace.

Processing time and price

Billing is based on the length of the text, but the topic as well as urgency also need to be considered here. An experienced translator can process approx. 200 standard lines, 2,000 words respectively, per day. This includes sufficient time for research, questions and breaks.

If we can draw on existing terminology, this very often speeds up processes and we can offer attractive fixed prices.

...this is a crucial investment in the quality of YOUR communication's translation. You can take advantage of our tailor-made services in collaboration with highly qualified and specialized translators from all over Europe exceeding the quality standards of pure 'online translations' by far.

Data exchange and data management

To exchange a large amount of data or to archive translation projects, we can establish an access to our cloud for you, which will enable you to upload or download documents anytime.

We host via, where our cloud is also included in the solution.

Server Location Germany

As one of only a few providers ALL-INKL.COM has access to multiple own computing centers. These are all located in Dresden. Thus, all data are saved and stored on servers in Germany exclusively and therefore are subject to the German data privacy laws. These are among the toughest worldwide.

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