Operational documentation/
legal texts

There are numerous parties involved in the workings of the global economic cycle.

Thus, there is a need for precise and high-quality communication regarding quality management, work safety, contractual obligations with suppliers & business partners, corporate processes (management handbooks), and corporate evaluation (annual reports). To ensure international communication without misunderstandings, it takes a lot of established expertise but also intercultural understanding and sensitiveness.

That is why we collaborate with translators whose first language is not only your translation's target language, but who also have the cultural background and awareness. At PSi we believe it is not “only“ our job to translate, but we also take into consideration the message you would like to convey with your document. Our intercultural competence helps us to carefully look at all the different levels of communication.


Patent attorney Helge – Translation of technical patent specifications and legal correspondence regarding legal claims

The customer

This is what attorney Helge says about his mission:

“Technical creativity is certainly the most meaningful capital a company can own. Technical innovations, successful product developments or brands are very likely to be copied. Only one thing can prevent this from happening: claiming industrial property rights right from the start.”

Our services

  • translation of technical patent specifications and legal correspondence regarding legal claims from and into Chinese, English, and Japanese

IFZW – Translation of bid documents for EU-wide bidding

The company

IFZW develops high quality industrial plants for international customers.

They always strive for maximum quality and reliability in their production in the fields of crematories, pet crematories, special furnaces for hospital waste incineration, and refractory construction work.

They have been a trusted partner to customers from over 15 countries worldwide for more than 15 years.

Our services

  • translation of the technical documentation for incineration facilities
  • translation of bid documents for EU-wide bidding


  • French, Dutch, Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Lithuanian, Polish, English, Russian, Finnish, Vietnamese, Latvian, Swedish, Chinese

We translate your corporate communication with the competence and established expertise of our team:

Useful information on your translation project:

Data protection

For many years we have translated confidential/secret/innovative information and texts into numerous foreign languages or into German. We will handle your data with care and responsibility. The novel GDPR rules these processes for Europe now.

You can find the current guideline at

You can also take a look at our privacy statement here: We will also be glad to sign a separate data protection and privacy agreement with you.

Is there a DTP or OCR service?

DTP service – desktop publishing service

A translated document can be longer or sometimes shorter than the (German) original version. However, you will receive your translation back in the same format/layout as the original version. Some formats can be exported or imported with the help of translation tools, other translations need adjustment by our formatting team to fit the original layout and design.
We will always give our best to reduce the time and effort you have to put in.

Just contact us – we will be happy to talk about your next project with you!

OCR service – optical character recognition

We can implement optical character or text recognition from pictures or your PDF-files through the use of modern software. Thus, you will receive your translation as a processable text.

Data exchange and data management

To exchange a large amount of data or to archive translation projects, we can establish an access to our cloud for you, which will enable you to upload or download documents anytime.

We host via, where our cloud is also included in the solution.

Server Location Germany

As one of only a few providers ALL-INKL.COM has access to multiple own computing centers. These are all located in Dresden. Thus, all data are saved and stored on servers in Germany exclusively and therefore are subject to the German data privacy laws. These are among the toughest worldwide.

Our quality standards according to DIN EN ISO 17100

This ISO norm rules and defines the processes and quality standards for translation services. This includes procedures in quality management, the education, and supplementary training for project staff: project manager<-> translator, so that the result will always be a high-quality translation. We have operated according to these rules and processes for more than 13 years. You can contact us anytime, we are happy to send you degrees and certificates of our team.

more information:

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